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The advantages of plain bearings

Plain bearings from Avantgarde Bearing Technology offer a number of advantages over roller bearings. Below we list the most important of them for you.

Higher surface pressures

and thus new possibilities in cost-efficient design by avoiding oversizing.

One of the biggest advantages of plain bearings is their higher permissible surface pressure. Unlike ball bearings, which are loaded at a point, plain bearings carry the load over a larger (projected) area. As a result, plain bearings can absorb higher loads and are more cost-efficient in terms of dimensioning. The even load distribution also reduces material stress, which increases bearing life.

Higher shock resistance

and durability through compact design and innovative material compositions.

Another benefit of plain bearings is their higher shock resistance and durability in the presence of small amplitude vibration or oscillating angular motion. Since plain bearings do not have direct contact between the moving parts, they can absorb shock and shock better than ball bearings. This makes them ideal for agricultural and forestry applications where machines and equipment are often exposed to harsh conditions.

Reduced risk of default

through smart design with lubrication grooves, cleaning grooves, hole depots or lubrication pockets.

Plain bearings are also less prone to failure and have a lower risk of failure when dirty. Cleaning grooves can be incorporated into the design to remove dirt and dust and maintain optimal lubrication. Alternatively, plain bearings can be made from material systems that can hold coarse abrasive particles in "hole depots" to ensure reliable lubrication. During the next lubrication, the particles are then pressed out of the bearing point to ensure effective cleaning.

Significant reduction in downtime

and thus reduction of maintenance and system maintenance costs.

A key advantage of maintenance-free plain bearings with dry lubrication, for example, is that they make a significant contribution to reducing downtime costs. Being self-lubricating eliminates the need for periodic maintenance such as re-lubrication in the case of ball bearings or replacing broken bearings/ball cages. This not only reduces the costs for spare parts and maintenance, but also avoids machine and system downtimes.

Protects the environment

due to the elimination of escaping lubricating grease and thus contributes to maintaining the floor quality.

Another advantage of maintenance-free slide bearings, especially in the agricultural sector, is that no lubricating grease gets into the soil and contaminates it. With many agricultural tools and machines being used outdoors, protecting the environment and preserving soil quality is vital. The use of maintenance-free slide bearings with dry lubrication prevents lubricating grease from getting into the floor and contaminating it.


In summary, plain bearings offer many advantages and are the better choice in many applications. When pure maintenance-free operation is not the best solution, we offer a variety of low-maintenance solutions that combine the benefits of lubricated bearings with reduced maintenance with the self-lubricating properties of maintenance-free solutions.

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