In die Tiefen und Höhen des Deutschen Bergbaumuseums, Bochum

Into the depths and heights of the German Mining Museum, Bochum

An introduction to the German Mining Museum

Germany, a country with a rich history and culture, holds many surprises. One such surprise is in the bustling city of Bochum in North Rhine-Westphalia - the German Mining Museum. With a fascinating mix of interactive exhibitions, historical displays and a real mining tour, the German Mining Museum takes visitors on an insightful journey through the country's mining history.

The foundation and importance of the museum

Established in 1930, the museum is recognized worldwide and attracts over 400,000 visitors annually. Not only is it the largest mining museum in the world, but it is also a place dedicated to preserving, researching and presenting the history and technology of mining. It offers an opportunity to learn about the past while providing a unique insight into the impact of mining on modern society and the environment.

The first impression: The headframe of the Deutschlandgrube

Upon arrival, the tall headframe of the historic Deutschlandgrube greets visitors. This stunning landmark is a living testament to the scale and importance of the mining industry.

A tour of the museum

The Exhibits: From the surface to the heart of the mining industry

The museum is divided into different themed areas, each representing a different aspect of mining history. The exhibit begins at the surface, showcasing early mining artifacts and tools, and then moves into the heart of a mining shaft.

The early mining artifacts and tools

Visitors can trace the development of mining technologies from its earliest days to modern times. The exhibition presents a variety of artifacts, from primitive stone hammers to mechanized tools.

The coal mine: a life-size model

The next step leads down into a realistic replica of a coal mine. This detailed, life-size model gives visitors an authentic feel of what it was like to work in a mine.

Mining history up close

This area takes you on a journey through time through mining from antiquity to modern times. It shows the technologies and tools used in different eras of mining history.

The subject area "Mineral raw materials"

In this area you will explore the beauty and diversity of the geological formations. An impressive collection of minerals is presented here, underlining the importance of mining for geological exploration.

The subject area "Art"

This area presents a collection of sculptures, paintings and graphics depicting the world of mining and highlighting the cultural influence of this industry.

The research and teaching mine: A first-hand experience

A highlight of the museum is the research and teaching mine, which goes 20 meters below the earth's surface. A guided tour of this mine offers an up-close experience of the miners' hard and risky work. You can almost hear the echo of pickaxes hitting the rocks.

The Darker Side of Mining: Challenges and Dangers

The museum also addresses the challenges and dangers of mining, the environmental impact and the social consequences of this industry. It aims to promote understanding and present a balanced view of the past while showing a vision for sustainable mining practices in the future.

The German Mining Museum: More than just a museum

The social impact of mining

The German Mining Museum in Bochum is not just a repository for objects, it is a living testament to the sweat, courage and inventiveness of countless people who have shaped the course of human civilization.

Conclusion: Why you should visit the German Mining Museum

The German Mining Museum is a must-see for anyone interested in history, technology, geology or simply a unique and enriching experience. It is a place that celebrates the heritage of mining history and highlights the importance of this industry to our society and environment.


  1. When was the German Mining Museum founded? The museum was founded in 1930.

  2. What can you see in the German Mining Museum? The museum features a variety of exhibits, including historic mining tools, a life-size model of a coal mine, and impressive collections of minerals and mining art.

  3. What is the highlight of the German Mining Museum? A highlight of the museum is the research and teaching mine, which goes 20 meters below the surface of the earth and offers visitors a close-up experience of working in a mine.

  4. Does the museum also address the challenges and dangers of mining? Yes, the museum addresses the challenges and dangers of mining as well as the environmental and social impacts of this industry.

  5. Why should you visit the German Mining Museum? The German Mining Museum offers a unique and enriching experience for anyone interested in history, technology and geology. It is a living testament to the sweat, courage and ingenuity of the people who shaped the course of human civilization.

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