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Advantages of PTFE-based metal-polymer plain bearings

PTFE-based metal-polymer plain bearings have proven to be one of the best solutions for various applications in the industry. However, there are other polymers used in the manufacture of plain bearings such as polyamide, polyacetal, polyester and polyphenylene sulfide. Despite the variety of options, PTFE remains the most preferred material for metal-polymer plain bearings. But why is it like that?

temperature resistance

PTFE has a high melting temperature, which is 327°C. This means it is able to work at high temperatures without losing its strength and sliding properties. Thus, compared to other polymers, PTFE offers excellent performance at high temperatures. In addition, the steel support back and the sintered bronze intermediate layer of our AVZ-T1 plain bearings promote the heat dissipation of the frictional heat generated during operation via the housing which accommodates the bearing.

Low friction

PTFE has very low friction, which means that it is very smooth and slides very well on the mating materials. This helps ensure the bearings are very durable in many applications by minimizing friction between components. Compared to other polymers, PTFE therefore offers better sliding performance.

Chemical resistance

PTFE is a chemically inert material capable of withstanding a wide variety of chemicals. It is unaffected by most organic solvents, meaning it can be used in aggressive environments without affecting its performance.

Good mechanical strength

In combination with the sintered bronze intermediate layer and the steel backing of a plain bearing, PTFE has a high mechanical strength that enables it to absorb high loads without causing damage. This means that it is able to take high loads and still maintain its integrity.

Less wear and tear

PTFE has a high wear resistance which means it is very durable in many applications. Due to the low friction and high chemical resistance it offers, it is possible for PTFE-based plain bearings to be used in many environments without premature wear.

Conclusion: PTFE-based metal-polymer plain bearings are of great importance in industry due to their excellent performance over a wide temperature range, their low friction, their chemical resistance, their mechanical strength and their low wear. They offer an effective and cost-effective solution for many applications, many of which take place in demanding environments. Although there are other polymers used in the manufacture of journal bearings, PTFE remains the material of choice for many engineers and manufacturers.
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